Jeff’s Glass is your ultimate source for:

  • Custom glass inlays
  • Custom glass frames
  • Custom tabletops and desktops
  • Custom glass shelving
  • Custom glass tabletops
  • Custom glass display cases
  • Custom glass medicine cabinets
  • And much, much more…

Custom Cut Glass

Michigan Custom Cut Glass

Jeff’s Glass is dedicated in regards to bringing you the highest quality custom glass products including shower doors, enclosures and of course, mirrors. We take extreme pride in the quality of our products, installation, and especially customer satisfaction.

Patterned Glass

Our custom glass furniture tops at Jeff’s Glass can be used for coffee tables, end tables, and kitchen tables. Custom glass furniture tops serve as a great complement to any style of any home décor. Our experts can assist you to pick out or design the perfect custom glass furniture top for your project. Glass tabletops can be an elegant addition to your dining room, living room or den. Cracks, discoloration, and dings; however, can detract from your interior décor. At Jeff’s Glass, we can replace or repair your aging or damaged tabletops with durable custom glass that will stand up to repeated use and provide added beauty to your home. We are can cut, customize and install glass tabletops to your precise specifications and specialize in restoring your tables.

Custom Glass Shelving

No matter what you have to display in your home, nothing adds beauty and sparkle to your items like glass. Whether you want something almost invisible or something that is bold and makes a statement that stands out, you can accomplish it with custom glass from Jeff’s Glass. Numerous thicknesses, textures, and colors that are available to enhance your home, business, office or any other location. Adding a chipped, bevel edge or a high polish can turn an average glass shelf into something that is yours uniquely. The options are only limited by your very own imagination.

Custom Glass

Custom Etched Glass

Custom Slumped Glass

Custom Painted Glass

Table Top and Desk Top Coverings

Whether you will be framing a fine piece of artwork or want a custom display of cabinets made for your home, you can count on Jeff’s Glass to deliver exceptional quality and results. With over several years of experience, your custom glass artwork will be of the finest quality possible. Give yourself the opportunity to work with one of our team members to get exactly what you want. This can range from replacing glass in an antique cabinet to showcasing your family portraits. Regardless, you will love our services.